Gamma Knife Perfexion


The Alaska Gamma Knife Center at the Anchorage Radiation Therapy Center recently completed a major technology upgrade to Gamma Knife with the introduction of the new Gamma Knife Icon. The center is the only in Alaska to offer this radiosurgery platform that enables unprecedented precision in the treatment of brain tumors while protecting healthy brain. The Icon  delivers the ability to do the treatment in a mask, rather than, with a head frame. This allows for the same superior precision as Perfexion, but using a mask so that it is more comfortable for patients. This also expands our capabilities and allows us to be able to perform fractionated radiosurgery.


Gamma Knife is the newest radiosurgery system available to patients for treatment of brain tumors and brain disorders. It is a radiosurgeon’s tool dedicated to treat the brain and upper spine and neck. Alaska Gamma Knife Center at Anchorage Radiation Therapy Center is the only medical facility in Alaska providing this effective treatment option for patients with brain disease.

Gamma Knife has become the new gold standard for cranial radiosurgery, providing a level of accuracy and precision in the treatment of brain tumors, vascular malformations, acoustic neuromas, trigeminal neuralgia and other brain disorders that is superior to any other radiosurgery system. At the same time, the radiation dose to normal brain and to other parts of the body is far lower than any other radiosurgery system. Doses of radiation can be delivered to multiple target areas in one session, avoiding the need to move the patient or adjust the machine. This reduces the time a patient has to spend undergoing treatment.

The painless treatment is usually performed on an outpatient basis and requires no general anesthesia. Most patients resume normal activities within a day of treatment.

With Gamma Knife radiosurgery, there is improvement in the quality of life for many more patients with serious neurological conditions. Gamma Knife models unmatched combination of power and precision and has resulted in positive clinical outcomes with few complications.

Gamma Knife is the Gold Standard of radiosurgery systems as documented in more peer-reviewed medical literature than all other systems combined.