Anchorage Radiation Therapy Center is excited to be celebrating the 3 year anniversary of our Alaska Gamma Knife Center and its first patients treated on the Gamma Knife. The Elekta Leksell Gamma Knife® Perfexion™  offers a non-invasive surgery to treat brain conditions that were once considered inaccessible or inoperable. As of August 2017 Anchorage Radiation completed an upgrade to the Gamma Knife Icon. This upgrade provides us the ability to do the treatment in a mask, rather than, with a head frame. This allows for the same superior precision as Perfexion, but using a mask so that it is more comfortable for patients.This also expands our capabilities and allows us to be able to perform fractionated radiosurgery.

“This new and powerful tool allows the same superior brain radiosurgery made possible with the Gamma Knife system, but without the need for a head frame in select patients. This not only improves patient comfort, but also expands our radiosurgery capabilities, enabling us to treat a wider array of patients with Gamma Knife technology” said Dr. Stephen Settle, M.D., Ph.D., Anchorage Radiation Therapy Center. “The Gamma Knife Icon allows us to treat brain tumors with the most precise technology there is in radiosurgery, providing the very best, noninvasive treatment for Alaskans.”

Other advantages of the Gamma Knife Icon include:

• Precise radiosurgery without using a restrictive head frame
• Limits radiation exposure to normal brain and head tissue (as with the Perfexion)
• Makes overall treatment more tolerable and comfortable for patients

Gamma Knife technology is the only platform of its type that is strictly designed for treating the brain. The Icon can be particularly advantageous for patients with benign and malignant brain tumors and neurological conditions.

No incisions are made in gamma knife surgery. Instead, a highly focused beam delivers a single, high dose of gamma radiation through the skull to a defined target. Leksell Gamma Knife offers the precision of surgery, but without a scalpel or the usual risks or complications that accompany invasive surgery. It is a so-called “bloodless surgery” that is ideal for treating benign tumors, malignant tumors, functional disorders and vascular malformations located in critical areas of the brain.

This frame/mask-based accuracy allows delivery of a single large dose of radiation. Gamma Knife has been used for over 800,000 treatments world-wide, more than any other stereotactic radiosurgery machine has treated. This unequalled experience has resulted in more research than for any other machine, so that methods to optimize treatment results and avoid complications are better known.

Leksell Gamma Knife has received considerable exposure as a treatment alternative because of its non-invasive nature, its brief recovery period and its documented clinical results. Patients often leave the hospital the same day as treatment and return to daily life.

Fueled by research and thousands of peer-reviewed articles, there is a groundswell of support for gamma knife surgery. The technology has an impressive track record and is a growing trend in the medical community. Anchorage Radiation Therapy is proud to be the only Center in Alaska offering the Gamma Knife Icon.