For Patients

Our goal is to ensure your experience is as stress-free as possible. Dr. Settle and the Nurse will review the entire Gamma Knife procedure with you prior to moving forward with treatment.

Remember, even though it is called Gamma Knife, there is no blade or blood.  Instead, it’s a radiosurgical treatment that delivers a dose of gamma radiation to the target with surgical precision and is the most accepted and widely used radiosurgery treatment in the world. This process you will go through is considered THE gold standard and is done in partnership with a Neurosurgeon.

Please visit the What to Expect section of our website and be assured you will receive all the information you need prior to moving ahead. This link will also offer you additional resources and information to review prior to your meeting with Dr. Settle. We hope you find the information you need about gentle, non-invasive Gamma Knife radiosurgery and we wish you well in your treatment.

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